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We’re living in a climate crisis. The Green Book is an initiative by the cultural sectors – working with sustainability experts Buro Happold, and supported by Arts Council England and the GLA – to work more sustainably. The Arts Green Book : Sustainable Buildings provides guidance for making cultural buildings sustainable.

If the arts are to be part of the most vital conversation humanity faces, they have to be sustainable themselves. The Green Book sets out the path to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Buildings


Arts Green Book seminars

Renew Culture, co-authors of the Arts Green Book, will be giving a seminar for museum and gallery operators on using the Arts Green Book to make their buildings sustainable. The seminar will be held on two dates:

Tuesday 25 April, 14.00 – 14.45

Thursday 18 May, 09.00 – 09.45

To get log-in instructions, please email

Further seminars for other sectors will be offered later in the year.

The Green Book has brought together arts organisations and sustainability experts to create common guidance for making the arts sustainable.

The Green Book is a free resource for everyone in the UK arts sectors. It has been funded by Arts Council England and the Greater London Authority, and supported by the organisations whose names and logos you can see below.

“It is vital that our culture and creative industries do everything possible to drive towards sustainability and zero carbon. The Art Green Book: Sustainability Buildings offers clear and practical guidance, supporting organisations with actions to make real progress and play their part in tackling the climate emergency. It’s another key part of our work to build a greener, better London for everyone.”

London Deputy Mayor of Culture and the Creative Industries, Justine Simons OBE

“The Arts Buildings Green Book will be a valuable tool to support museums in becoming more sustainable and working towards net zero. Tackling the climate crisis is a priority for all museums and galleries, who face particular challenges in caring for collections in often historic buildings. It’s therefore fantastic to see the development of this new resource to help the sector address this crucial agenda.”

Maria Balshaw, Director of Tate and Chair of the National Museum Directors’ Council

“The Green Book really helped us think about taking shorter term, smaller and more achievable steps, so that it all felt less impossible and unachievable.”

Elaine Bedell, CEO, Southbank Centre.

“The climate crisis requires urgent and collective action. The Arts Green Book is a vital resource that brings the cultural sector together in a united response to stimulate change, from sharing best practice to using our platforms to help amplify the issues.“

Will Gompertz, Artistic Director, Barbican

“The Green Book provides a range of easy-to-understand practical tips and suggestions which arts venues – including our members, cinemas – can consider when thinking about the future and sustainability of their physical buildings.”

James Connor, Cinema UK

“The Green Book has been an invaluable tool in helping us not only assess our sustainability performance, but in guiding us to improve and deliver reduced carbon emissions.”

Jon Morgan , Director, The Theatres Trust

“In continuing our aims to work sustainably in our theatre to have minimal environmental impact for current and future generations, The Green Book has been a welcome and invaluable resource, guiding us through a variety of steps and ideas to aid our journey.”

Carolyn Forsyth, Executive Director and joint CEO, Talawa

“The Green Book is a brilliant resource and we are putting its recommendations at the heart of our drive towards net zero”.

Alex Beard, Chief Executive Royal Opera House

“We really want to improve our venue’s sustainability, and it’s the first time I’ve seen such clear guidance specific to our type of venue.”

Daniel Boulger, NEC Group

“For us at the Globe, the Green Book is an indispensable guide towards the essential and urgent net zero target.”

Michelle Terry, Artistic Director Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

“The Green Book is an invaluable tool for producers & operators to help imbed a proactive culture towards sustainable best practice.”

Phill Brown, SOLT / UK Theatre

“The Green Book has inspired us in the work we’re making for stage and in the way we run our building. It has been an incredibly useful tool as we learn how improve our sustainability”.

Abigail Pogson, Managing Director Sage Gateshead

“The Green Book has brought real clarity as to how sustainability can shape our “green season” next autumn, not least the enthusiasm and passion adopted by our creative teams”.

Richard Mantle, General Director Opera North

“The Green Book takes a reassuringly pragmatic approach, starting from a realistic assessment of where we are and providing lots of usable advice and inspiration to help us focus on what we can change rather than what we can’t.”

Helen Keall, Executive Director Joint CEO, Pavilion Dance South West

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